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Tomorrow's surveillance - today's reality

The social, operational, legal and strategic implications

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iLegal is the surveillance industry's premier one-day conference hosted jointly by Hi-Tech Security Solutions and Dr Craig Donald.

iLegal 2017 examined what surveillance offers businesses today in terms of safety and security, and the implications thereof. The conference included presentations covering the use of surveillance for crowd management, new and innovative applications of thermal surveillance, what we can expect from drone technology going forward, and the ever-present cyber security risks inherent in modern surveillance solutions - as well as in every electronic system out there.

To set the scene, the keynote presentation was delivered by renowned futurist Dion Chang, who demonstrated that tomorrow's surveillance is already happening today, and how science fiction is no longer all that farfetched. Refer to the agenda and the editorial review of iLegal 2017 for full details on the iLegal 2017 presentations. iLegal will next be held in 2019. Details will be uploaded in due course.