12 September 2019

Augmented surveillance -
realising the full potential of CCTV through new technologies and people

iLegal is the surveillance industry's premier one-day conference hosted jointly by Hi-Tech Security Solutions and Dr Craig Donald.

This year's conference will look at what is becoming known as Augmented Surveillance - using technologies and people interactively to maximise results from operators and control rooms in order to make intelligent security and business decisions. The conference will focus on the ways and means companies and individuals can realise the full potential of their CCTV installations through the use of new technologies as well as well-trained people.

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Mike Neville

This year, iLegal 2019 is honoured to announce that the keynote will be delivered by one of the world's leading figures in the surveillance market, Mike Neville (MCSFS). Neville, the chief executive officer of Super Recognisers International Ltd and the managing director of Neville Forensic Recognition Ltd delivered the keynote at iLegal 2009 when he highlighted the importance of making full use of CCTV surveillance images in fighting crime. In 2019, Neville takes us to the next level by providing insights into Super Recognisers. The past decade has seen Neville leaving the police force in the UK and taking his world-leading surveillance insights to the rest of the world, to both law enforcement and commercial industries. His experience and insights have been in demand globally and iLegal 2019 is bringing them to Africa.

Neville began his policing career with the Royal Military Police in 1983. He then joined the Metropolitan Police and at New Scotland Yard where he established himself as the Detective Chief Inspector in charge of solving crimes with CCTV and other forensic images - his systems and processes resulted in images solving more crimes than fingerprints and DNA. During this time he set up the world's first Super Recogniser Unit using officers with fantastic, innate, face memory skills to identify offenders and link crimes by the images. As a result, he was called onto assist in enquiries all over the world. In 2016, he solved a series of crimes using logo recognition software - another world first. According to one police and crime commissioner, Neville has solved more crimes with CCTV than any other detective.

Are you a Super Recogniser?

Neville will discuss how Super Recognisers are redefining CCTV in the UK and Europe, and how they can make a difference in Africa.
Areas he will cover include:

Neville will additionally explain how Super Recognisers are being strategically employed through a shift in focus to identifying suspects using a combination of face recognition, behaviour analysis and technology. Also a question that is top of mind in terms of security operations, he will address how Super Recognisers relate and compare to automated face recognition systems.

Finally, he will explain how Super Recognisers are being placed in situations where they are able to detect issues relating to banned people, suspects, and criminal behaviour at major events and sites in Europe to prevent crime. Having retired from the Met in 2017, Neville works closely with academic partners to further develop the Super Recogniser tactic for the private sector and has developed a selection and training course aimed at non-police Super Recognisers. Neville is the only member of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences, who is an expert on Super Recognisers.

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